Sonntag, 17. Oktober 2010

Feedback in Processing 1.0

Proof of concept version in processing 1.0 to reproduce feedback effect.
It takes the screen image as texture for the feedback plane.

Demo video on youtube: Feedback demo

I am also coding on a more clean optimized version in Qt and OpenGL. I will upload first source code during next week (depends on time I will have ;) ).

o switch between objects (either feedback plane or input plane)
s render grid lines of object
+ increase object size
- decrease object size

r enables/disables relief on feedback plane
3 decrease grid res of feedback plane
4 increase grid res of feedback plane

p enables/disables input plane
a enables/disables input plane rotation

t Texture Mode on/off

Randomness of texture coordinates on feedback plane
g switch random mode (1=random,2=noise,3=deterministic function)
1 decrease influence (default influence=0)
2 increase influence

0 make screenshot

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