Sonntag, 2. Januar 2011

QTfeedback first release

After some work i finally got it compiled on Windows.
You can get and test it:

View some Screenshots on:

It is more like beta version and not tested on other systems though.
You need libnoise (dll included) and OpenGL 2.0 or newer. Otherwise your texture will stay white.

Features so far:
  • Coloring sources with your own gradients (alphachannel supported)
  • Three different Feedback Methods (*)
  • Heightfield as one Feedback Plane (using libnoise)
  • Make Screenshots of your Feedback Fractals
  • some more features such as texture distortion ...

* Actually there is not much difference between the feedback modes. Mode 1 uses rendered scene to refeedback it like on a second layer. Cant explain it. Try and see, if you switch feedback option on source object.

The second mode is not easier to explain. First render pass uses a more little and mirrored heightfield. Second Pass is normal which uses feedback texture from first stage.

Uh i will have to find a logo for the executable...

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